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About this Blog

I need to write things down from time to time. This blog intends to be that.

Me, Ferrix

I am Ferrix Hovi, a Finnish citizen, a comic and born to work with computers. I started seeing what a computer would do for me when my father brough in an old IBM 8086 desktop computer from work. I got my first programming book for Christmas around the year 1996. Eventually I became a Tech student and a professional programmer. I came to find my human interface in 2006 when I performed for the first time on a comedy club. After a few years my career took a U turn when I became a Scrum Master, or team coach if you like. I am living a happy hybrid of extroverted and introverted life.

Professionally I have been a software developer, a quality catalyst, a technical manager, a salesman and an automation tester. Currently I work at F-Secure as a Software Engineer.

The opinions and conclusions on this site are entirely mine and do not represent the view of my employer or any other party. The dog in the occasional pictures is mine and it was not hurt during the writing of this text.

This blog is the third of its kind, a professional one that is. It combines the past of my open source enthusiastic blog Early Penguin which I updated most frequently when I was working for a company highly involved with Linux and the world around it. The previous one it shares the name and URL with,, was initially more related to Scrum and Agile as I was starting a new phase in my career with a new team to coach.

Currently I spend a lot of my time doing stand-up comedy and that feels important. Related to that I am also building tools to manage my comedy website and schedule better. If I have any time alone, I am most likely coming up with new comedy or programming something. So there are more sides to my life than just the two specific blogs I have had and I intend to write about all of those angles. I promise to organize the topics so that the reader will not feel abandoned.


This page is also my tribute to simplicity. Excessive design is not welcome. I love typography and currently I am using a proprietary one called Calluna. I also love human-readable markups and that is why I am writing this with Vim and Markdown. Next, I commit this to Github or Heroku and it will be deployed for everyone to watch. Both of the services run Jekyll that generates static HTML pages from whatever gets said.