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18.08.2012 5 Sites That Make You Believe Success is Painting by Numbers

I have been looking at what LinkedIn offers for news. The selection is usually some posts that people in my trade supposedly like. There is a breed of articles that I don’t believe are worth my time. They are easy to spot:

I really miss journalism. Is Cosmopolitan really the peak of evolution?

Are these guys for real? Usually the article consists of a convincing introduction and then a paragraph on each of the enumerated items. I claim a third of the items are untrue. I do not give anything to back that up, that’s so 90s. The single paragraph on the claim does not give enough background for anyone to actually understand why the esteemed workers, who supposedly follow the specified ceremony, are so much better than the rest of us. They are the self-help books of today. The only way to success is to use your brain and enumerating things is not the best way to do it since you learned the numbers.

As promised, I’ll give you some examples to loath. I will not waste a lot of words on them. I already redirected them to rickroll on my local DNS. I learn a lot more that way.

  1. has no other content
  2. Business Insider has something else but I failed to find any journalism
  3. Bloomberg is reposting these things
  4. EWeek combines these with shameless plugs
  6. Lifehacker
  7. Informit
  8. Funnyordie
  9. Admissionsblogs

That is not all.

What I most wanted to say to LinkedIn: Add an Unlike or HATE button.