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15.07.2012 Going back

A long time ago I ran a spell to list my most common shell commands. I repeated it now, just for kicks.

ferrix@lakka:~$ history|\
awk '{a[$2]++ } END{for(i in a){print a[i] " " i}}'|sort -rn|head
144 git
90 vim
88 ls
81 cd
14 grep
13 jekyll
12 less
11 host
8 heroku
7 wget

It clearly shows that I have been working on this blog – jekyll. It shows that there is something on heroku of value to me. vim is my $EDITOR and I use git for version control.

Simply put, I have been programming and editing my blog. I created a new layout for this blog. I trashed the default Jekyll Bootstrap theme and emphasized the content by big and beautiful typography. The type I am using is Calluna by Jos Buivenga. The Regular version is free but I loved it enough to buy the whole family. I love the ligatures and numbers. It is also readable.

I decided to trash everything because I got tired of flashy design that distracts you from the content. The first step was moving from WordPress and Blogger to Jekyll. I had been waiting for a tools where I can write my posts in Markdown and not worry about the browser crashing or getting the stuff out at a later date. I got everything back except for comments, I did not have many either. Now I am using Disqus which works out of the box with Jekyll.

I decided to go properly with the transition. It took time and effort to turn old Blogger HTML into Markdown. I think it was worth it. All posts look so simple now. While manually fixing the word wrapping of all posts (crazy, yes) I practically read through everything I had posted and even some drafts that I am unlikely to ever publish. It took me back on the memory lane. I remembered all sorts of people I knew back then and some events I had forgotten about. This blog has been really geeky and technical and still there are memories and old times that I was reminded about, with or without context. I am glad that I had this way of journaling.

I have been an on/off blogger for over ten years. My subjects have been technical and professional. I still enjoy it in that way. However I have been looking back at things and I am sad that my footprint is so technical. I have this comedian side of me that I hardly ever tell about on the web. I even tried to find the date of my very first performance and failed. I started publishing my gig calendar in the beginning of 2011 or very late 2010. Since then I have every performance stored safely in a database and I take a copy every so often. Some of the performances have been published on a page somewhere and I could find them on The Web Archive. However there have been all sorts of gigs that were never published because the club did not have a page or were just too ad-hoc to ever reach it. The Web Archive isn’t all knowing either. I would have liked to know.

The previous two posts were the first ones in my all-new categories. There will be more posts about my opinions and pure leisure. There will also be comedy. In addition to that, I will be writing some of it in Finnish. I will be organizing the categories into separate feeds and reorganizing the URLs to a more maintainable mess. Cool URIs should not change but I will need to find out how to make redirects.