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12.05.2007 On the go

I have recently been introduced to a bunch of software for mobile platforms. The reason is simply that I upgraded both my personal and work phones to S60r3 generation (E50 and E70 if you insist). I also got an N800 for test use but all y’all must know what it can do by now. Most of the software is not open. All of them can be used free of charge to some extent. I believe there are some Nokia licence issues that prevent some of these from being opened. That was just a hunch, maybe I shouldn’t have said it at all.

The reason I am bringing these pieces of software up is simply the reason that I am enjoying my wireless freedom even better now that I found these thingies. I still don’t feel like coding on the road but I am hoping for the best.


As those of you who know me may know, I am on IRC all the time. I am also doing various other things with SSH all the time. Hence PuTTY for S60 is a must have. It is Open Source. The keypad bindings hardly fit my needs. Using irssi is a bit awkward without the modified bindings I had on my S60r2 phone (6630 if you keep insisting).


This is a great piece of software for a person who lives in Helsinki or Tampere. It is made for browsing time tables. I can save my most used bus stops and have the software alarm me when I should run for my bus. The best thing is that the software even knows the Finnish holidays with exceptional time tables.


This one is a presence service. It is completely useless but something fun you can do with your friends. In the r2 version there are some features stemming from Meaning which is a software for uploading pictures to Flickr with metadata gathered from GPS, Bluetooth neighborhood, GSM cell and calendar. Most of the features still exist in the S60r2 version and I miss having them. Someone mentioned that it might even be impossible to implement the same functionality in revision 3. Jaiku is also a good way of exposing your location to the Big Brother.


A friend recommended I should download this one. Smart2go is a free mapping solution for S60r3 phones. It seems to be pretty handy for finding a way from point A to point B. It would work better with a GPS device if I had one though. The simulation of me coming from the office to my doorstep seemed to be exactly what I wanted. I am not sure how the really expensive navigation tool would affect the experience. It is also possible to download city guides for about eight euros. They might come in handy when visiting a new place, like Seoul in August. There actually isn’t a guide for Seoul at this point.


Don’t you hate pocket calls? I do. Installing this tool makes them less frequent.