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04.10.2007 One Lovely PC

As I mentioned yesterday, I had the privilege to be in the same room with an OLPC device. I also had the privilege to touch one. Apart from the wrapping, it seems to be a computer that people are willing to do anything to get. It lasts for 12 hours of use with a single charge and keeps up the mesh network for a week. It has really good hardware and it is sturdy enough to stand against the world of little monsters. It is a device that wants me to be a child again. It is unfair for the adults that only the kids get such great laptops. I wish my mobile phone would last for 12 hours. I wish my laptop was so light. I wish I could get one. I wish everyone could have one. You may say I’m a dreamer… but I am going to get one. It is a sweet deal anyway. I am getting a nearly free laptop that is sure to run Linux and a child somewhere gets one as well.

I hereby promise that I buy an OLPC when they are available in Europe. In case they are not available in Europe in a reasonable time I will find out how to get one and help others to get theirs as well.