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06.05.2008 Organizing Thoughs Openly (part 1, notes)

I decided to write comments about the software I have proposed in my blog during the “Organizing Thoughts Openly” series after I have verified my views. So here goes:

I have now been using for a few weeks now. It remains helpful but I really missed the Firefox 3 support which was announced less than a week after my post. Now that Ubuntu Hardy Heron is out, it will be of use to lots of Ubuntu users. One sad thing about is that the incoming links cannot be automatically added to the toolbar. I solved the issue by adding a live bookmark in my Firefox bookmark toolbar from Normally there is no need for a push feature in but I would also like to have an optional notification about incoming links. Just a highlight on the feed icon or tag would suffice. The F2 quick jump feature is really awesome in the newest plugin. Just press F2 and type the first letters of the tag and off you go to any page you want. No mouse needed!

What comes to Flock, I am not using it for now. I will have to make or find 64-bit Hardy packages of it first. Another thing I didn’t like is the unstability which started to annoy me a bit at least when I had started it from console. Maybe a simple watchdog should suffice for a while. I do not have the time currently, so someone else, please bother. I noticed that I really miss the Flock blogging feature when I was going to write this post. That feature still misses synchronization between different instances of the browser. Maybe it could download drafts from Blogger?

All in all what I said in my last post still holds. I am just waiting for some stabilization in Flock first.