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16.07.2012 More Movies

I hit the rental shop again. Being thankful for not getting penalized by the 30 minute delay on the return, I rented another stack of seven for seven days.

That was eight. The last one was from the shelf at home, but I still watched it. There is something about that story that appeals to me. There are four different endings to it. Three of them gravitate around the same result and the director’s version, the one I have in my shelf, is a totally different thing altogether.

I already saw four of them and tomorrow I will most likely watch the remaining two. The second one in the list “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest” is in the player and waiting to start. I spent some time collecting a list of movies that I have seen. It does not try to be a complete list but I am forgetful, so it might help me some day. Might give you an idea as well, I don’t know.

The idea came from a friend who pasted a list where out of some 300 films I had seen around 160. The meme was based on the assumption that I would have no life if there were 60 matches. Well, I came up with a hundred more that were not even on the list and still seen by me. I have no life and I am quite happy about it.