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13.07.2012 Movies of the Week

This is the first time in the history of this blog that I write in the leisure category. This is sort of a U turn on my take on things. I decided yesterday that I could have more categories than open source and agile software development. That is simply because there is more to life than professional. In my case, professional is also split between two for me because I spend a lot of my free time doing stand-up comedy with a professional attitude.

I am currently idle on vacation. I have been enjoying the fine art of DVD. I rented a total of 9 films because I could. The titles are:

Okay, that was 10, the last one was on TV a few hours ago. I can’t say I have enjoyed so many films in a while and apart from Starship Troopers, all are actually recommendable. They may not be the masterpieces of any kind but I am really happy to have spent so much time passively absorbing entertainment. I noticed that now that I have increased motivation in comedy, for the first time in my life I need a break from thinking about it.